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Flat to Wall

Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

If your aim is to achieve a discreet appearance, a flat to wall mount may be ideal for your room. Flat to wall mounts are designed with a slim profile to enable you to position your TV flush to the wall.


Tilt TV wall mount

Wall mounts with a tilt function enable you to place your TV in a higher position as they provide the opportunity to tilt your screen downwards for optimal viewing. Tilting capabilities can also help remedy situations where light is glaring off your screen.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt & Turn TV wall mount

Tilt & Turn mounts give you all the benefits you get from Tilt mounts, with the ability to position your TV for better viewing angles.

Extendable Tilt & Turn

Extendable Tilt & Turn TV wall mount

Extendable Tilt & Turn mounts are Tilt & Turn mounts that can be extended out or folded flat.

Multi Position

Multi-Position TV wall mount

Multi-Position mounts are ideal for positioning your TV in a corner or where you would like a wide range of viewing angles. They are the most flexible mounts available and allow you to fold out your TV on one or more arms and multiple pivot points to give a maximum range of viewing angles.