Installing a TV Wall Mount

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Installing a TV wall mount is as easy as putting up a shelf. Product-specific fitting instructions are included with each product although you can download a replacement if required.

As easy as 1-2-3

Many Orbital mounts come pre-assembled so installation is a simple 1-2-3 process as shown for an example product below.

  1. Attach the TV plate to your TV
  2. Screw the wall plate to the wall or ceiling
  3. Attach the TV and wall plates together and level adjust your TV

Wall Type

You can find advice about where in your room to position your TV on our planning page, but it is also important to consider the type of wall you are mounting your TV on.

Ensure your backplate is screwed into a wooden batten/stud

Use a stud-finder to find wooden battens/studs and to ensure there are no hidden pipes or wires behind where you intend to drill. Do not mount onto drywall, plasterboard or panelled walls unless all wall plate screws are fixed into a wooden batten/stud. When fixing to brickwork or solid masonry use suitable wall plugs and screws.

It is your responsibility to ensure the wall structure and fixings are capable of supporting the screen and mount in a normal working environment. Check the strength of the installation before installing the screen and if you have any doubts regarding installation please consult a qualified contractor.